Win an RTL-SDR adapter or up-converter!! (update)


And the prize goes to……. ME!!! I replaced the VAC with this one and all works as expected.


I have a puzzle for you! A new RTL-SDR adapter or up-converter for the person who gives me the solution.


Remember this setup? This is my RTL-SDR panadapter setup i am using and which i am extremely happy with. Recently i found a nice FTP server where i can download most of the digital signal decoding software on the market to try out. I only have two problems here: First of all i cannot install all the software on my laptop for various reasons and second, many software comes with a “patch” to make annoying try-me dialogs go away, if you know what i mean. And anti-virus software doesn’t really like that kind of patches. So what i do is load all that software up in a virtual machine and like that, if i screw up the VM i can roll it back to the latest snapshot.

Now here comes the problem: This software normally uses some audio input to get the signal in, in Windows a “recording device”. So what i have done is the following:

03-07-2015 4.28.27 PM

I installed a Virtual Audio Cable and linked my soundcard (Playback Device) to it. Like this i eliminate a A/D and another D/A converter and sound quality should be identical to what comes out of the SDR device. The other side of the VAC i hook up to the VMWare virtual machines sound card. And that´s where things go stuck.

03-07-2015 4.23.08 PM

If you look at the Sound Card config in VMWare you see that that i can only select playback devices like Speakers, Headphones and such. There is no such thing as a Microphone or Line Input. They do exist in Windows and VMWare mappes them to the WAVE_MAPPER so in theory when i select the VAC as default recording device in my VMWare host (my laptop), then Windows in VMWare guest should pick that up as default recording device. Well, guess what? It does not.

So the challenge is this: How to get the VAC recognized and working as a recording device in VMWare (or any other virtualization platform, for that matter)? A new RTL-SDR adapter or up-converter for the one who sends me the solution.