Two new projects in the pipeline

tcxoOne is the installation of a chinese TCXO unit. The original Kenwood SO-3 TCXO units are around 150 euros and i never saw the purpose for it. But now people on the Kenwood TS-590 Yahoo group bought and tested a chinese SO-3 replacement. They seem to work as good as the Kenwood ones but they are a lot cheaper. I got mine from eBay and payed 17 euros for it. The come including a small board so you don’t have to solder them unit in. So, even if i will never see the need for the TCXO unit, for 17 euros i upped the value of the radio with a 100 bucks.

Second project is hooking up the TS-590 to an RTL-SDR receiver and being able to look at the whole band using SDR software. From what i understand from this video the “only” thing i need to do is hook up a wire to CN303 on the board and get that wire into the antenna in of the RTL-SDR. Let’s see if i can get this to work. Any hints, corrections, potential risks, etc up front would be appreciated.