Famous Hams and their Callsigns

A41AA Oaboos Bin Asid Al Said – Sultan of Oman
CN8MH King Hassan II – King of Morocco (sk)
DD6CF Reinhard Alfred Furrer – German Space Agency astronaut.
DG2KM Dr Ernst Willi Messerschmid – German Space Agency astronaut.
EA0JC King Carlos of Spain
EA0HOE Me! Not famous yet, but one day i WILL be.
F5VBY Brother of Ray Dolby – Inventor of the Dolby Sound System
F5VBX Ann Dolby – Wife of F5VBY
FX0STB Jean-Pierre Haigner – French government space agency spationaut. 2 Missions to MIR
GB1MIR Helen Sharman – First British woman into space
GB2BP Bletchley Park – Home of wartime top secret ‘Station X’ of ENIGMA de-coding fame
GB2RS The news broadcasting service of the Radio Society of Great Britain. Established in 1955
GB4BLC Bedworth Lions Club special event callsign. (Licensee Lion Brian G8GMU)
GM3ITN Les Hamilton – He first alerted England of Argentine invasion of the Falklands 1982
GX2ASF Coventry Amateur Radio Society. (Originally G2ASF) The oldest affiliated club to the RSGB 75 years in 2007
G1EXG Dr. Jonathan Hare – Physicist, astronomer & BBC TV presenter
G2LO B.B.C – Radio Club. (The licensee’s address believed to be Warwick Castle ~ Enquiry pending)
G2MT Marconi Radio Society. ~ 2MT was the Marconi callsign at Writtle experimental wireless station
G2NM Gerald Marcuse – Amateur broadcaster of the 1920’s, prior to the BBC Overseas Service as 2NM (sk)
G2QA A J.Simkins. M.B.E.
G2YL Nelly Corry – The 2nd UK Lady Radio Amateur in 1932 (sk)
G2XM Sir Richard Davies, KCVO, CBE, C.Eng, FIEE – Was a member of The Household of the Duke of Edinburgh (sk)
G2BCK F C Judd – Author of radio amateur books (sk)
G2DQU Lord Rix of Whitehall, (Formerly Sir Brian Rix Kt CBE DL) – Actor & politician
G3BBC Film Studios Ealing
G3EUR Major John Brown – Designer of the famous WW2 spy B2 suitcase radios & founder of the Duxford Radio Society (sk)
G3HB G.L.Benbow – Author radio amateur books
G3ITF Brian Freeman – Connected with that ‘British Institution’ Freeman Hardy & Willis
G3PLX Peter Martinez – Co- Inventor of the PSK31 digital transmission system
G3PLX Peter Martinez – Co- Inventor of the PSK31 digital transmission system
G3SXW Roger Western – Member of the CQ Hall of fame for his many years of activating very rare DX locations
G3TPW Stephen Webb – Prolific electronics engineer. Designer of the G3TPW Cobwebb antenna
G3TXF Nigel Cawthorne – Member of the CQ Hall of fame for his many years of activating very rare DX locations
G3TZH A Dolby – Brother of Ray Dolby (of Dolby System fame)
G3UML Laurie Margolis – BBC journalist who received the reports from VP8LP of the Falkland Islands invasion in 1982.
G3YLA Jim Bacon – T V weatherman – ex BBC
G4AEH Jim Lee – BBC radio broadcaster & producer (A local radio ham & good friend to Lions Clubs)
G4MH James (Jim) Fish – Designer of the G4MH Mini-Beam Antennas
G4PZR Lieutenant Commander Sir Kenneth Cradock-Hartopp DSC – 10th Bt, (sk)
G4RK Capt. George Thomas Smith-Clarke – Designed the paediatric iron lung also motor scooter, prolific inventor (sk)
G5OG Lord C. I. Ewing. OBE – Fellow of The Royal Television Society
G5RV Louie Varney Antenna Designer (sk) ~ G5RV is now Mid – Sussex Amateur Radio Society callsign
G6YL Barbara Dunn – The first UK Lady Radio Amateur (sk)
G7CDK Alan Florence – Sound engineer. Worked on the Tony Hancock recordings of the Radio Ham & Blood Donor
G8PO Cmdr. J E Ironmonger O.B.E.
G8TGS Dr. W R Williams – Diplomat
G0DMU Ian Morrison – Senior project manager at Jodrell Bank. Appears in Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy
G0KRH Chris Tarrant – TV quiz show host & TV personality
G0MSL James Bobbett – Past Town Crier – Glastonbury
G0OAN Fergal Sharkey – Lead singer in Irish punk band in 1970’s
G0VIQ Eugene Sully – Big brother contestant & radio broadcaster. Member of Mid – Sussex Amateur Radio Society
G0VQH Councilor Jenny Bailey – Mayor of The City of Cambridge 2007 – 2008
HS1A Bhumiphol Adulayadej – King of Thailand
HS1D Maha Chakri Sirindhorn- Princess to the throne of Thailand
I0FCG Francego Cossiga – Former Italian President
IZ0JPA Paolo Angelo Nespoli – Itallian Astronaut of the European Space Agency
J3BB Masaru Ibuka – Co-founder of Sony
JA3FA Tokuzo Inoue – Founder of ICOM
JI1KIT Keizo Obuchi – Japanese Prime Minister
JK1SIU Noria Ohga – Chairman of Sony
JP1DPJ Akio Morita – Founder of Sony
JY1 King Hussain of Jordan (sk)
JY1H Queen Noor of Jordan
JY2HT Former Crown Prince Hassan – Brother of the late King Hussein of Jordan
JY2RZ Prince Raad Ibn Zeid- Cousin of King Hussein of Jordan, Prince of Jordan and chairman of the Royal Jordan Radio Amateur Society.
KB2GSD Walter Cronkite – “The worlds most recognised” US television newsreader – Walter has an asteroid named after him
KB5UAC Mike Foale – British born US astronaut
KB6LQR Jeana Yeager – Pilot of non-stop, non-refueled flight around the world in the Rutan Voyager aircraft.
KB6LQS Richard Glenn Rutan – Rutan Voyager aircraft designer and pilot for non-stop, non-refueled flight around the world
KC5VWK Richard J. Abruzzo – World famous balloonist and world record holder; the first balloon voyage from North America to Africa.
KC5ZSU Laurel Blair Salton Clark, M.D. – Crew member of the ill fated Space Shuttle Columbia on STS-107.
KC5ZTC David M. Brown. – Crew member of the ill fated Space Shuttle Columbia on STS-107.
KD4WUJ Patty Loveless – Country Music Singer
KG4UYY James Lance Bass – ‘N SYNC pop singer.
KD5PLB Suni Williams – Suni has set a record for spacewalks by a female astronaut, a total of 29 hours, 17 minutes
KG6FZX Dennis Tito – First space tourist
KX2Z Tony Bonjovi – Cousin of Jon Bonjovi
K1ADJ Peter Guber – Possibly Hollywood’s most successful and powerful producer and executive.
K1AKE James M. Moran – Leading researcher in the field of astronomical masers and black holes.
K1OKI Mickey Schulhof – Head of Sony USA
K2AMH “Bob” Moog – Invented the “Moog Synthesizer” amongst many other electronic instruments (sk)
K2HEP John Sculley – former CEO of Pepsi
K4ZVZ Paul Tibbits – pilot of the Ò Enola Gay Ò aircraft (The plane that dropped the first atomic bomb over Hiroshima in WW2)
K6BP Software engineer with movie credits on “A Bug’s Life” and “Toy Story 2” also holds Also WA2TNM
K9EID Bob Heil – Legendary sound engineer to such The Eagles & The Who, Head of Heil Sound
LU1SM Carlos Saul Menem – President of Argentina
M0SDX Sergei Rebrov – Professional soccer player
M3HBM Joshua Baxter – Youngest radio ham to activate Snowdon Mountain Summit at 9 years old in 2005 as MW3HBM/P
N5YYV Kathryn Dwyer Sullivan Ph.D.- NASA astonaut. First American woman to walk in space 1984.
N6FUP Stuart Alden Cook (Stu Cook) – Bass guitar player in American rock band, Creedence Clearwater Revival
N9FZX Dr. Paul A. Flaherty – Co-inventor of the Alta Vista Search Engine.
N9LC George Sweigert – Inventor of the mobile phone
NY6YOS Priscilla Presley – (Lou Lou Beaulieu) Film star & businesswoman. Was Married to Elvis Presley
OD5LE Emil Lahoud – President of Lebanon
ON1AFD Count Dirk Fairmouth Ph.D. – Belgian Astronaut
ON1DWN Frank De Winne. – European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut. Flight engineer on the newly designed Soyuz, Odissea mission.
PE1LFO Wubbo Johannes Ockels – First Dutch citizen in space and payload specialist on 2 missions
RK3DUO Col. Yuri Ivanovich Onufriyenko – Russian cosmonaut. Mir and ISS missions. He has been named a Hero of Russia, been awarded two Armed Forces medals and named a Chevalier in the French Legion of Honour
RK3DUP Yuri Ivanovich Malenchenko – Russian cosmonaut. The first person to marry in space, on 10 August 2003, when he married Ekaterina Dmitrieva, who was in Texas,
RN3DX Oleg Kononenko – Russian cosmonaut, flown on the ISS
RO3FT Talgat Amangeldyuly Musabayev – Kazakhstan born cosmonaut, flight engineer of the Mir-25 mission. Later founded National Kazakhstan Space Agency and became Director of Aerospace Agency of Republic of Kazakhstan.
SP9VRC Pawel Jalocha – Co- Inventor of the PSK31 digital transmission system
SU1VN Prince Talal of Saudi Arabia
WA3SWS Stephen E. Uhrig – Surveillance expert who appeared with Gene Hackman in 1998 movie “Enemy of the State”
WA6IOG Vern Orr – Secretary of the USAF at The Pentagon
WB2LAV Russell Alan Hulse – Co-winner with K1JT of 1993 Nobel Prize in Physics for discovery of binary pulsar
WB6ACU Joe Walsh – Of The Eagles & James Gang
WD4LZC Larnell Harris – Singer 7 Times Grammy Winner
WD4SKT Donnie Osmond – Singer
W1AW Hiram Percy Maxim – Prolific Inventor & most famous for inventing the firearms silencer & machine gun (sk)
W1GBE Percy Lebaron Spencer – Inventor of the Microwave Oven, Senior Vice President of Raytheon Co.
W2JOF Sir Cliff Richard – Singer (W2JOF is his USA callsign)
W2QBO Wilson Greatbatch – Inventor of the cardiac pacemaker.
W5CY Howard Hughes – Billionaire, Inventor, aviator, aircraft designer
W5LFL Owen Garriott – First radio Amateur in Space, on Shuttle mission STS-9, launched November 28, 1983,
W6DOE Clarence Leonidas Fender (Leo Fender) – He of Fender electric guitars. Prolific inventor & designer of instruments
W6RO Queen Mary Ocean Liner – Wireless room operated by The Associated Radio Amateurs Of Long Beach Calif.
W6UK Alvino Rey – Musician, reportedly invented / pioneered the electric guitar
W6VZA Henry Richter – Brother of Charles Richter (He of the Richter Scale)
W6YX Oswald Garrison – was the first to use the SSB mode for an amateur QSO with W0TQK in 1947
W7DUK Nolan Bushnell – Inventor, Computer Pioneer, Founded Atari
W9GTY Jack Kilby – Inventor, invented the microchip for Texas Instruments in 1958, then the hand held digital calculator
W0TQK Mike Villard jr. – was the first to use the SSB mode for an amateur QSO with W6YX in 1947
UA1LO Yuri Gagarin – First man in space (sk)
UV3AM Musa Moronov – Russian Cosmonaut
VE2QS Maurice Durieux – Canadian musician, composed CQ Serenade, possibly the only radio ham song?
VK2BL Graham Conolly – Australian Radio broadcaster and former voice on VNG
VK2KB Sir Allan Fairhall – Australian Statesman & Businessman
VK2AHU Dick Huey – Professor – Emeritus (Previous callsign VK2HU)
VK2CAX Dr. Ken McCracken – Founding Chief of CSIRO Mineral Physics
VK5AX Alf Traeger – Inventor of the pedal powered wireless
VU2LC1 Permanent Lions Club Disaster station Bangalore India, operated by Lion Ajoy VU2JHM
VU2RBI Bharathi Prasad – The only lifeline for thousands during the 2005 Tsunami. ~ “Teresa of the Bay of Bengal.”
VU2RG Rajiv Ghandi – Late Prime Minister of India (sk)
VU2SON Sonia Ghandi – Widow of VU2RG
XE1GC Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena – Inventor of the colour television Tri-colour Cathode Ray Tube 1940 (sk)
YU1RL Radivoje Lazarevic – Yugoslav ambassador to Brazil
ZK1AN Sir Thomas Davis – former Premier of The Cook Islands
1XS Reginald Aubrey Fessenden – Made the first broadcast of the human voice and music, on Christmas Eve 1906
2CVJ Robert Hart – First person in USA to receive a transatlantic T V image transmitted by John Logie Baird in 1928
2KZ Station used by John Logie Baird in 1928 to transmit the first transatlantic TV signal from England to New York
2YT Belonged to the Marconi Company, used by Marconi on his yacht?
3A0AG Prince Alberto Grimaldi – Monte Carlo, Monaco
3BEC Arthur Middleton Young- Inventor of the first commercially practical helicopter, philosopher, poet and painter
7L2NJY Dr Mamoru Mohri – Japanese astronaut
9DRV David Packard – Co-Founder of Hewlett-Packard.(sk). Bill Hewlett was probably a radio ham, callsign not known.
9K2CS Prince Yousuf Al-Sabah
9M1 King of Malaya (possible sk)

All about QSL’s

Did you ever get your QSL’s back with the message ‘QSO NOT IN LOG’?
Or did you never receive a QSL back and when you re-checked the online log you were not there?
Time has come to upgrade your operating practice!

Check the date on this QSL

First law of HAM Radio: LISTEN!
If you can’t hear a station, you cannot work him. If you send anyway, you will never receive anything back. Waste of money and effort.

First law of QSL-ing: Not everybody wants them.
Me, for example, i’ve been practicing radio for over 15 years and i used to have hundreds of QSL. I sent mine, including IRC’s or USD$$$, and most of the time i got something back. I stuck them in albums, organized by country. And i never looked at them anymore. If i think about the money i spent on them i could have a really nice radio in my shack.

They say that the final courtesy of a QSO is the QSL card. Also they say that a QSO is not confirmed until the QSL is received. You know, i KNOW when i made the contact. The moment i hear my callsign confirmed by the other station, for me the QSO is confirmed. And also i always mention in my QSO’s that i don’t QSL. It’s a shame that not a lot of operators use eQSL yet. That would be a solution i could except.

Anyway, most HAM Radio amateurs do like QSLs so let’s see what the possibilities here are.
In many countries a so called “QSL Bureau” can take care of the exchange of QSLs for free. Most of the time this is a service that is provided when you become member of the national HAM Radio association in your country.
If you are lucky enough to have a QSL Bureau in your country, the only thing you have to do is to send your QSLs to this Bureau and the Bureau will take care of the distribution. The station receiving the QSL will send his QSL back to the Bureau and either you will have to pick them up there or the Bureau sends them to your QTH.
The advantage of having a QSL Bureau is that QSL exchange is cheap and easy. The disadvantage is that it can take up to 2 or even 3 years before you receive your QSLs back.

Beware of $$ hunters!!

If you don’t want to wait this long, or if you don’t have a Bureau, you can always ask the station if you can send direct. Did you read that? You have to ASK THE STATION is he wants QSL direct.
If this is the case what you would do is send your QSL together with a SAE (Self Addressed Envelope)  and stamps, an IRC (International Reply Coupon) or money (most of the time 1 or 2 USD) for the station to return your QSL.
And this is precisely why i don’t QSL anymore. For every contact i want to have confirmed i will have to 1) buy my own QSL card, 2) pay for the postage for sending my card to him, 3) pay for the envelope and postage for his card to be returned to me. That means that every QSO i want to have confirmed will cost me about 4-5 USD. I stopped doing that.

Where do i send my QSLs if i send direct? 
Many DX Expeditions use QSL Managers for the handling of the QSLs. This is to speed up the process of checking logs (remember that DX Expeditions can make thousands of contacts) and returning the QSLs.
If there is not a QSL Manager involved you can LISTEN for the QSL info and if he doesn’t call his QSL info over the air you can ask the station where to send the QSL. Most of the time he will respond that his QSL info is available in QRZ.COM.

So what alternatives do i have?

  • Ok, first alternative is to do what i do, nothing. But that is not the most efficient way of collecting QSLs.
  • I already mentioned eQSL.cc. eQSL is an electronic QSL exchange. What you do is you register your callsign on the eQSL.cc website, you design your electronic QSL card and after verification of your callsign (scan and upload your license) you are ready to go. From time to time you upload your log to eQSL.cc and your electronic QSL card will be sent to the other stations eQSL inbox. If the other station also is an eQSL member, he can send his eQSL card to you and you will receive it in your inbox. No paper QSL’s required.

    • Another way is confirming contacts electronically through e.g. the LoTW (Logbook of the World) from the ARRL. The LoTW is the same concept as eQSL with one important difference: eQSL’s are only exchanged if the logs of both stations match. So only if i have the same time and date of the QSO as my contacted station, an eQSL exchange will happen. Therefor may HAM Operators prefer LoTW over eQSL.cc.

    If you want to use electronic QSL exchange, which one should you use? I prefer the LoTW over eQSL. Not for the mandatory log matching, i think this is actually a DISadvantage of LoTW over eQSL.cc. But simply because of the fact that most operators use LoTW and because LoTW is becoming the standard integration for electronic QSL exchange in many HAM Radio logging software.
    A good discussion on eQSL vs. LoTW can be read here

    Only three stations in the world were able to receive this QSL…

    As always, if i wrote something stupid, if i got something wrong, if i forgot something important, please  send me feedback. 

    Have fun QSL-ing!!