New kid in town!

Today i went to get a new radio for a new adventure. I have always been on HF, everything below 30MHz.

Because the propagation is not that great and i do want to chat about a bit, i purchased my Dynascan M-6D.

This is a 2m only radio, one of the budget radios in the spanish market. I must say, a nice little radio for the money you have to toss out for it. It has all the functions you would expect from a 2 meter radio.

So now i have the task to lear all about DTMF, DCS, APO, ANI, narrow- and wide-band FM, shift, split, repeaters, etc, etc. A whole new world to explore until propagation comes back on HF.

Frequency range is the regular 136-174MHz, so can talk to the local police as well. Although i don’t know if they would appreciate that. Hehehe.

Anyway, here are the specs and if anyone from the EA3 area is reading this, give me a call.


How i LOVE PSK31!!


11:51:45> Main

Adios y hasta la proxima!! I don’t know how to say that in your language!!

73 sk sk !!


EA3HOE de PD5V PD5aV ese kn

11:53:08> Main



Hi M,

Your Report is 599 599

My name is Ton Ton ( Age 48 HAM since Dec 2Ø11 and EPC#17184 DMC#Ø5Ø31 )

My QTH is sunny Sant Cugat del Valles (near Barcelona, Spain) ( JN11bl )

My log and More info about me on

Dit was mijn standaard macro. Haat jij die macro’s ook zo??

BTU M, PD5V de EA3HOE pse kn



Hi Ton,

Report : 599 599

Name : Rien Rien

qth : Berghem Berghem

loc : JO21SS [11.6° 1,174.7km] JO21SS

Info o :

How copy? BTU Ton, EA3HOE de PD5V pse kn


11:55:18> Main




Tnx fr QSO.

Please select macro you want to receive:

1. Short, un-personal RST

2. Short, un-personal STATION

3. Short, un-personal 73

4. Long, semi-personal RST

5. Long, semi-personal STATION

6. Long, semi-personal 73

7. Free typing so you know you have contact with a reay human being and we might even get to know each other.

Please enter required option:

BTU Rien, PD5V de EA3HOE k



Ton, my station

Radio : Icom 7Ø6 MK2G, 25, MicroHam USB 3

Software : HRD + DM78Ø v4.1 Beta

Antenna : Windom FD-3

Operator : Created 1951, licenced 198Ø

My QSL is OK via or via the bureau.



11:57:49> Main



73 Rien and thanks for QSO, good DX in 2Ø12!

All my QSO are uploaded to (AG). 1ØØ% digital QSL.

Hope to hear you again soon on PSK31 or on any of the other modes.

PD5V de EA3HOE 73, bye, bye! sk sk

73 Ton and thanks for this BPSK-31 QSO on 2Øm, ghod DX in 2Ø12.

EA3HOE de PD5V sk

EA3HOE on the air! (was: Passed my Amateur Radio test!!)

Because the organization is a local public service and because it’s (almost) Christmas time so they already work at a very low pace, it all started to look like i’m not going to be online until at least 2012.

Well, i couldn’t wait any longer, so i called the local organization which deals with handing out the callsigns for new radio amateurs in my region.
I already got confirmed by e-mail that my callsign was known, but the person responsible for sending the letter with the callsign is not available and i have to wait.
Nope. since the callsign needs to come from the Ministry of Communications, i thought i’d give them a call as well.
“Well yeah, we know these local organizations work very slow. I wish they did everything directly with us. So much simpler and so much faster. Let me take a look, what’s your name?” 
“Yeah, i have it here. Take a pen. Echo Alfa Three Hotel Oscar Echo.”
I cannot believe it. A friend of mine is EA3HIV (yes, HIV), another one is EA3GOD (yes, GOD) and now i am EA3HOE?? No, don’t look the word HOE up on Wikipedia…
Anyway, so EA3HOE it is. Starting over with my log and still have to make my first contact. 
2 weeks of holiday and bad propagation should give me plenty of time to fill up my logs again!!

Last week friday i did my EA HAM Radio exam, today i got the results.

First test: Common Electronics, Radio Electronics and Radio Operations – PASSED!!
Second test: Amateur Radio regulations – PASSED!!

Now, the only thing i have to do is:

  • Wait for the results to be official – November 7
  • Wait for my diploma to arrive – a couple of weeks later
  • Then file the papers for my EA callsign – maximum 6 weeks after reception of the papers
  • After i receive that file papers for the local Amateur Radio ID card – no idea, but shouldn’t take too long – non critical
  • Then file the papers for my station authorization – couple of weeks
  • Build my station – probably a couple of hours….
And all need to be payed…  I guess i won’t be legally on the air until somewhere in 2012….
Too much bureaucracy here in Spain.