The final setup (or DXLab Suite, HDSDR, RTL-SDR, TS-590 How-To)


So this is my current setup. Step by step:

  1. Hook up CN303 of the TS-590 to the antenna input of the RTL-SDR.
  2. Hook up the TS-590 to the laptop for CAT control. In my case i am using COM3.
  3. Configure DXLabSuite to use COM3 for CAT control.
  4. Install VSP Manager and configure a COM pair. These are two virtual COM ports connected to each other. I use COM4 and COM5.
  5. Configure DXLabSuite to use COM4 as second CAT interface using the Kenwood protocol.
  6. Install Omni-Rig and configure Rig1 to use COM5 (remember that this is the one connected to DXLab) for the TS-590.
  7. Install HDSDR and add the correct RTL-SDR drivers. How-to can be found on the HDSDR website.
  8. Configure HDSDR to use the RTL-SDR USB.
  9. Configure HDSDR to use Omni-Rig and select Rig1.
  10. Switch everything on and enjoy.