How i LOVE PSK31!!


11:51:45> Main

Adios y hasta la proxima!! I don’t know how to say that in your language!!

73 sk sk !!


EA3HOE de PD5V PD5aV ese kn

11:53:08> Main



Hi M,

Your Report is 599 599

My name is Ton Ton ( Age 48 HAM since Dec 2Ø11 and EPC#17184 DMC#Ø5Ø31 )

My QTH is sunny Sant Cugat del Valles (near Barcelona, Spain) ( JN11bl )

My log and More info about me on

Dit was mijn standaard macro. Haat jij die macro’s ook zo??

BTU M, PD5V de EA3HOE pse kn



Hi Ton,

Report : 599 599

Name : Rien Rien

qth : Berghem Berghem

loc : JO21SS [11.6° 1,174.7km] JO21SS

Info o :

How copy? BTU Ton, EA3HOE de PD5V pse kn


11:55:18> Main




Tnx fr QSO.

Please select macro you want to receive:

1. Short, un-personal RST

2. Short, un-personal STATION

3. Short, un-personal 73

4. Long, semi-personal RST

5. Long, semi-personal STATION

6. Long, semi-personal 73

7. Free typing so you know you have contact with a reay human being and we might even get to know each other.

Please enter required option:

BTU Rien, PD5V de EA3HOE k



Ton, my station

Radio : Icom 7Ø6 MK2G, 25, MicroHam USB 3

Software : HRD + DM78Ø v4.1 Beta

Antenna : Windom FD-3

Operator : Created 1951, licenced 198Ø

My QSL is OK via or via the bureau.



11:57:49> Main



73 Rien and thanks for QSO, good DX in 2Ø12!

All my QSO are uploaded to (AG). 1ØØ% digital QSL.

Hope to hear you again soon on PSK31 or on any of the other modes.

PD5V de EA3HOE 73, bye, bye! sk sk

73 Ton and thanks for this BPSK-31 QSO on 2Øm, ghod DX in 2Ø12.

EA3HOE de PD5V sk

CQ DX SSB Contest

1st Day

My first day on my first contest, the CQ DX SSB Contest 2011, was not an easy one.
I started off checking which band was the best to start with. Since it was early in the morning (around 08:30 here, yes that’s early for a saturday morning, i wanted to start on 20m. So i checked the cluster and found out that it didn’t really matter where you start. All three bands (10, 15 and 20m) were open.
Since i almost never work on 15m i started to make contacts there.

A couple of things i learned today:

  • If there is a contest and you have a very limited setup like i have (no big beams, no amplifiers, etc), DON’T FOLLOW THE CLUSTER. Every single contact is a pile-up! As soon as i realized that i just started walking the dial of the radio. Across the whole band, up and down and try to work everything i hear. And i made the nicest contacts (P33P is an example, porr guy was all alone) like that. 
  • Use logging software. I used to use Ham Radio DeLuxe, but recently i moved over to the DXLab Suite ( We the contest didn’t work with progressive numbers i didn’t run it in contest mode, but it’s soooo convenient to know where you are on the band, where the pile-ups are (so you can avoid them), additional info for a station, etc, etc.
  • If you use QRZ.COM for automatic lookups, get a payed account. Halfway through the day i ran into the 150 lookups/24 hours limit if the free account.
  • Take it easy. Don’t keep shouting for the same contact just because it’s a DXCC you didn’t work yet. Remember that the contest is about who makes the most contacts. Move on and pick the low hanging fruits first. Come back after an hour or so. For sure he already worked a lot of stations and you get your chance.
Don’t be just another one of the crowd!

The people who read my blog know that i normally don’t make a lot of contacts. For me HAM Radio is much more than making contacts. All in all i made 82 contacts today. With this i will not win the contest, but i had good fun. most of all because i got the feeling that i was doing something different than 80% of the stations participating in the contest.

I actually enjoy making contacts with the limited conditions i have. I’m sure that for me making QSO’s with OJ0X, OH0X or JA1YPA is a lot more exciting than for the many operators with long beams and huge amplifiers.

2nd Day

Today was a quiet day regarding the Contest. In the morning i had some personal stuff to do. No time for radio. I only got at the radio at around 16:00. Still i managed to make 30 contacts. Mostly 10 and 15m.
I know i will not win this contest, but i managed to get quite a few new DXCC so it was a good weekend for me.

Just a quick laugh at ourselves