Locking the Dynascan M-6D on 2m only (UPDATE!)

I searching for some help here.

Recently i bought the Dynascan M-6D also known as the CRT 2M, Maas AT-588 or Anytone AT-588. This radio is meant to be a 2m HAM radio, but mine has a TX frequency of 136-174MHz.

There are people who bought this radio with only the 2m bands and want to know how to open the radio up for the frequency range i have. I want to opposite, i only want the 2m band, nothing else.

Why? Because i like to scan the bands. And this radio doesn’t have the ability to scan certain part of the band. This radio scans either memories or frequencies. And if you scan frequencies you can only scan the whole band. So i’m going to end up listening to taxis, etc. Not interested.

Anyone knows how to CLOSE this radio for the 2m band only?


After talking to the distributor here in Spain who tells me that it’s impossible to close the radio and after talking to the factory (Qixiang) who tells me that it IS possible to change the configuration i bought a cable and downloaded the software. It took me 15 seconds to change the configuration!

The cable is easy to get, there are many places where you can buy one. The software is not so easy to find. That’s why i placed the software on my Downloads page.

New kid in town!

Today i went to get a new radio for a new adventure. I have always been on HF, everything below 30MHz.

Because the propagation is not that great and i do want to chat about a bit, i purchased my Dynascan M-6D.

This is a 2m only radio, one of the budget radios in the spanish market. I must say, a nice little radio for the money you have to toss out for it. It has all the functions you would expect from a 2 meter radio.

So now i have the task to lear all about DTMF, DCS, APO, ANI, narrow- and wide-band FM, shift, split, repeaters, etc, etc. A whole new world to explore until propagation comes back on HF.

Frequency range is the regular 136-174MHz, so can talk to the local police as well. Although i don’t know if they would appreciate that. Hehehe.

Anyway, here are the specs and if anyone from the EA3 area is reading this, give me a call.


Let’s see if we can do something on 2m as well

Ever since a long time i own one of those chinese handheld, 50 bucks, 2 meter radios. It’s a Puxing PX-777 which has coverage for 136-174MHz.
You can see a review of this radio in this YouTube video.

Now, i haven’t done anything with that radio basically because the reach of the radio is not good enough. Maybe i’m doing something wrong, but i cannot get to a repeater that is 5km away from me and in line-of-sight.



So what i’m going to do now is to try to get that thing on the air again and see if, with an external antenna, i can get to that repeater and actually talk to someone on 2 meters.

I bought the 15 bucks NAGOYA UT-106 Dual Band magnet-mount antenna which has a connector to hook it directly up to the radio.

This antenna is going to sit in my gutter, next to my HF mobile antenna and my wire i use for SWL. Like this a not only have a longer antenna compared to the rubber antenna on the radio, but also the antenna will be outside of the house and on a higher position.

I just ordered the antenna, so it will take a while for it to arrive all the way from China, Hong Kong or wherever it needs to be sent from, but i will update this blog post with my finding and results.

Until then, enjoy this review of the Puxing PX-777 on YouTube.