Putting up a vertical antenna part 4 – Antenna built, first measurements

20161015_114313This is the antenne in its provisional location.






What i have done is create three plexiglass spreader at the base of the antenna, at 2m60 and 5m20 from the base. Through the spreaders i guided 0.5mm copper wire i bought at the DIY shop and fixed the two wires at the base of the antenna.


The big moment. SWR measurements. I hooked up the antenna analyser and got the following result:

20161015_114557WOW! Not so good. What could be wrong? I checked the connections, nothing wrong there. I checked the radiators, all good. No, i am not using radials yet, but could this make such a big difference?

What if i switch the connections? Let’s just try it.




20161015_114756Now that looks a lot better! We have a dip around 40m, 20m, 12m (no 15m?) and 10m, so that’s a good start. I wonder if i wired the choke the wrong way? But why didn’t i see that when i put up the antenna last week? Hmmm, questions, questions, questions.

Next step is putting the antenna in its final location and build out the radials set.

To be continued.