Ok, WSPR done, stop the bad practice.

We all know that sending RF from the Pi is a bad thing to do. But in the spirit of experimenting i just wanted to see what can be done with 10mW and a simple wire antenna of random length. And this is the result:

So now that we know it it can be taken down. Why? Well, mainly because it’s bad practice, but it also screws up my QSOs on 40m whenever the WSPR kicks in. It basically makes making QSOs impossible.

So, done that, got the medal, take down and move on. What’s the next project? I am thinking of getting a Pixie kit and make the smallest CW station possible to take with me on my travels. The only issue i see here is the antenna. Pixies are usually made for 40m and to take 20m of wire in my bag and spread it out in my hotel room is not an easy task. Let’s see what happens.