New tool in the box (Update 3)

This week i ordered the Hamcrafters K44 CW Keyboard. Not because i think i will be a great contester, not because i don’t want to decode CW myself, i bought it because one of the students in my CW Academy class has a K42c (a previous model of the K44) and he tells me it’s a great device to track if your key timing is right, if you get the right characters, it has a learning mode and it’s a portable keyer.

So the idea is exactly this: a device to help me getting my timing right and for bringing it on my travels with my old key so i can practice in de evenings in my hotel.

I will do all to get this CW thing under my skin. And i’m still having fun!!


It’s been more than a month now since i ordered the CW Keyboard. Turns out that the device was and is still stuck at customs here in Spain. Last Friday i received the notification that i need to pay import charges. 61 euros import charges for a device that cost €125 ($149). That is almost 50% taxes!! All i all i am paying now € 161 (the device plus shipping) + € 61 = € 222 euros for a device that cost € 125 off the shelf. Next time i just buy stuff in a store when i go the US and stick it all in my travel bag…


Could this be true?


Priority mail!! I mean, really??

And….. no power supply! Now i’ll have to go and search for one. To be continued…