Morse update, WSPR and more

85925_morsecodeforeverMorse, morse, morse. Everything in my radio life is about morse at the moment. I want to learn it, i am learning it, i take all the advice everybody is giving me, but still it’s hard. My brain is crunching when i listen morse. I have all the letters, numbers and some symbols under my skin, i have help from my friends at “Los Tortugas“, but still. I have made some QSO’s, but in a way i was cheating. I know how to send, but for copying i still need the help of FLdigi to decode. They tell me to throw away the program and i agree, but it’s so hard!! And yes, i am impatient, i’m only doing this for 2 months now and i already got pretty far. And yes, it takes more time than that, but i want to get on the air!

Reason i am this “slow” at learning is because i am too busy traveling and many times i am so tired i can’t get myself to study in the plane or in the hotel. In the plane i just put some nice music and sleep and in the hotel, well basically i sleep as well.

Maybe if i get myself a small, cheap, chinese QRP kit i can practice in the hotel? Now, that would be awesome! Let me think about it.

wsprbeacon_largeIn the mean time i installed WsprryPi on an old Raspberry Pi i have here and let it send on all the bands between LF and 6m. Man, are these things dirty!! I am sending the signal into a 10m thin hire i have permanently installed on the terrace. Let’s see if anyone hear me. I’m looking for a mechanism where i can be notified if someone spots me. Haven’t found it yet.



WOW! Somebody actually spotted me!! Amazing with 10mW!