Morse code – The third attempt

Today i will have my introductory session with Dan Brock WB4RFQ of CWOps. This is going to be my third attempt to learn and use the Morse Code on the air.

My first attempt was self-study using the audio tapes from Chuck Adams K7QO. I learned the alphabet and the numbers, but i failed when the speed was picking up. I think Chuck starts too slow because i learned to count the dits and dahs.

My second attempt was with the Spanish CW group Los Tortugas. This were online live sessions where two teachers walked us through the 20wpm exercises on After lesson 3 my head exploded and i was not able to get the practice sessions done.

This time it’s with CW Academy. They are using an online tool built by Stephen C Phillips. I will do my utmost best to get it done this time.

To be continued.