Long time no hear, FT8, CW (again?), antenna kaput

Ok, so apologies for not having posted anything for a long time. Lots has happened, mostly work-related, not enough radio focus so nothing to write about.

Until last month when i found out that the makers of WSJT-X had invented a new digital mode, FT8. Awesome! Fast (15 seconds per cycle, so around a minute for a full QSO), convenient (auto-sequence makes that you only have to click twice, once to select who you want to contact and once to confirm the QSO in the log) and you can do it without even being at the PC.

So a few hundred contacts later i got the radio virus again. Same time i receive that i am selected for this autumn’s CW Academy course, so i will pick CW learning up again (let’s see how far i get this time).


Today i noticed that my SWR of my antenna was going haywire. I already lost one radiator before, the 20m one, today i lost the 10m radiator as well. So time to find some new spreaders, new antenna wire and to take down the antenna and fix stuff. Probably with more than 2 extra radiators.