Locking the Dynascan M-6D on 2m only (UPDATE!)

I searching for some help here.

Recently i bought the Dynascan M-6D also known as the CRT 2M, Maas AT-588 or Anytone AT-588. This radio is meant to be a 2m HAM radio, but mine has a TX frequency of 136-174MHz.

There are people who bought this radio with only the 2m bands and want to know how to open the radio up for the frequency range i have. I want to opposite, i only want the 2m band, nothing else.

Why? Because i like to scan the bands. And this radio doesn’t have the ability to scan certain part of the band. This radio scans either memories or frequencies. And if you scan frequencies you can only scan the whole band. So i’m going to end up listening to taxis, etc. Not interested.

Anyone knows how to CLOSE this radio for the 2m band only?


After talking to the distributor here in Spain who tells me that it’s impossible to close the radio and after talking to the factory (Qixiang) who tells me that it IS possible to change the configuration i bought a cable and downloaded the software. It took me 15 seconds to change the configuration!

The cable is easy to get, there are many places where you can buy one. The software is not so easy to find. That’s why i placed the software on my Downloads page.