Let’s see if we can do something on 2m as well

Ever since a long time i own one of those chinese handheld, 50 bucks, 2 meter radios. It’s a Puxing PX-777 which has coverage for 136-174MHz.
You can see a review of this radio in this YouTube video.

Now, i haven’t done anything with that radio basically because the reach of the radio is not good enough. Maybe i’m doing something wrong, but i cannot get to a repeater that is 5km away from me and in line-of-sight.



So what i’m going to do now is to try to get that thing on the air again and see if, with an external antenna, i can get to that repeater and actually talk to someone on 2 meters.

I bought the 15 bucks NAGOYA UT-106 Dual Band magnet-mount antenna which has a connector to hook it directly up to the radio.

This antenna is going to sit in my gutter, next to my HF mobile antenna and my wire i use for SWL. Like this a not only have a longer antenna compared to the rubber antenna on the radio, but also the antenna will be outside of the house and on a higher position.

I just ordered the antenna, so it will take a while for it to arrive all the way from China, Hong Kong or wherever it needs to be sent from, but i will update this blog post with my finding and results.

Until then, enjoy this review of the Puxing PX-777 on YouTube.