EA3HOE on the air! (was: Passed my Amateur Radio test!!)

Because the organization is a local public service and because it’s (almost) Christmas time so they already work at a very low pace, it all started to look like i’m not going to be online until at least 2012.

Well, i couldn’t wait any longer, so i called the local organization which deals with handing out the callsigns for new radio amateurs in my region.
I already got confirmed by e-mail that my callsign was known, but the person responsible for sending the letter with the callsign is not available and i have to wait.
Nope. since the callsign needs to come from the Ministry of Communications, i thought i’d give them a call as well.
“Well yeah, we know these local organizations work very slow. I wish they did everything directly with us. So much simpler and so much faster. Let me take a look, what’s your name?” 
“Yeah, i have it here. Take a pen. Echo Alfa Three Hotel Oscar Echo.”
I cannot believe it. A friend of mine is EA3HIV (yes, HIV), another one is EA3GOD (yes, GOD) and now i am EA3HOE?? No, don’t look the word HOE up on Wikipedia…
Anyway, so EA3HOE it is. Starting over with my log and still have to make my first contact. 
2 weeks of holiday and bad propagation should give me plenty of time to fill up my logs again!!

Last week friday i did my EA HAM Radio exam, today i got the results.

First test: Common Electronics, Radio Electronics and Radio Operations – PASSED!!
Second test: Amateur Radio regulations – PASSED!!

Now, the only thing i have to do is:

  • Wait for the results to be official – November 7
  • Wait for my diploma to arrive – a couple of weeks later
  • Then file the papers for my EA callsign – maximum 6 weeks after reception of the papers
  • After i receive that file papers for the local Amateur Radio ID card – no idea, but shouldn’t take too long – non critical
  • Then file the papers for my station authorization – couple of weeks
  • Build my station – probably a couple of hours….
And all need to be payed…  I guess i won’t be legally on the air until somewhere in 2012….
Too much bureaucracy here in Spain.