DXSpider cluster node on my mini-server

Yesterday i finished the installation of my personal DXSpider node. DXSpider is one of the various software packages out there to build cluster nodes. Apparently DXSpider is the most commonly used, so i went for that.

My mini-server sitting in his dark corner in development mode

I have a spare Asus EeePC 701 netbook which i am using as mini-server for the cluster. The EeePC contains an Intel Celeron 900MHz running at 600MHz, 512Mb of memory and 4Gb SSD drive. The netbook is running Ubuntu Server 12.04, so you can definitely say that it’s a mini-server.

DXSpider is almost 100% based on Perl, so i thought that this would be enough to run the cluster.

Also since it’s a small laptop and has no moving parts it doesn’t make any sound. My living room is my datacenter and i don’t want to watch TV with the buzzing noise fans and disks around me.


The node is running the cluster over telnet, AX25 and packet and has the web interface configured as well.

Now let’s see if  can get some spots in and out.

Cluster node in operational state

Cluster node in operational state