New tool in the box (Update 3)

This week i ordered the Hamcrafters K44 CW Keyboard. Not because i think i will be a great contester, not because i don’t want to decode CW myself, i bought it because one of the students in my CW Academy class has a K42c (a previous model of the K44) and he tells me it’s a great device to track if your key timing is right, if you get the right characters, it has a learning mode and it’s a portable keyer.

So the idea is exactly this: a device to help me getting my timing right and for bringing it on my travels with my old key so i can practice in de evenings in my hotel.

I will do all to get this CW thing under my skin. And i’m still having fun!!


It’s been more than a month now since i ordered the CW Keyboard. Turns out that the device was and is still stuck at customs here in Spain. Last Friday i received the notification that i need to pay import charges. 61 euros import charges for a device that cost €125 ($149). That is almost 50% taxes!! All i all i am paying now € 161 (the device plus shipping) + € 61 = € 222 euros for a device that cost € 125 off the shelf. Next time i just buy stuff in a store when i go the US and stick it all in my travel bag…


Could this be true?


Priority mail!! I mean, really??

And….. no power supply! Now i’ll have to go and search for one. To be continued…

Morse code training update 2

We are six weeks into the course and today was an important day in the life of a morse code student. As of today we are supposed to recognise and send all letters, numbers, some symbols and some prosigns. In my reading and sending practice i have gone from 20 to 23WPM, just because i feel more comfortable at that speed.

Sending is good although i still have some issues with some character combinations. Copying is a bit harder. I still need to hear the words a couple of times to be able to copy them perfectly.

As of today we are going to do mainly callsigns and QSO practice. Still simulation, not the real deal yet, but i don’t think it will take long before we can go on the air.

The most important revelation for me is that everything still feels easy. I don’t have that feeling of anxiety i had in the previous course with Las Tortugas. And that was at the same speed as we are doing now. With Las Tortugas i was asked to practice at 20WPM and i suffered a lot. That was the main reason i quit that course. Now i am at 23WPM and i still feel fairly comfortable with it.

We keep going!!

BTW, what do you think about my new UR5CDX CT755 Single Lever Paddle?