Wimo QRM Eliminator vs. Timewave ANC-4

timewave-anc-4-cancelador-de-ruido-para-radio-15265-MCO20099402502_052014-FRecently i have gotten the opportunity to test my Wimo QRM Eliminator against the TimeWave ANC-4.

The ANC-4 is a little bit more feature-rich than the Wimo. It has two AUX antenna inputs where the Wimo only has one. Furthermore is the build wuality of the ANC-4 much better than the Wimo. Where the Wimo has the typical “hobby project” build case, the ANC-4 is built inside a heavy-duty black metal case. This is where you definitely notice the difference in pricetag.

Both devices contain a VOX circuit. On the ANC-4 this circuit works perfectly, on the Wimo barely. Basically the VOX only works on FM and AM, on SSB the internal relais rattle when you are speaking in a low voice or when you are not speaking at all. The Wimo solves this issue by using its external PTT input, something the ANC-4 doesn’t have or need.

The Wimo has two phase dials, the ANC-4 only one. The ANC-4 however has two range selectors for gain and phase which the Wimo doesn’t have. In my situation i had both selectors on their widest range. When dialing in the two devices i prefer the Wimo. Using the two dials you have more “room to play” and i normally get a better result in phasing out the noise when using the Wimo compared to using the ANC-4.

I bought the QRM Eliminator in the hope i could eliminate noise coming from Power Line Communication devices. Before i decided to purchase the Wimo i watched a lot of videos of people using the Wimo, ANC-4 or MFJ-1026, however i was never able to get close to the results i see in those videos. Most probably this has to do with my antenna setup and the level of noise i am experiencing here in my house. In my tests, completely unscientific and completely applicable to only my situation here, it didn’t really matter which one of the noise cancellers i was using. Both gave me similar results. And this brings me to probably the most important conclusion regarding these QRM Eliminators, it is much more important finding the right main and noise antenna setup than which brand or model device you buy.

I hope that this article gives people an idea of what you can and what you cannot achieve with these noise cancelling boxes. My Wimo goves me the possibility to use appx 100kc more from the band than without. When i have the device switched off my range of usable frequencies basically stops at 27.630 where as when i do use the Wimo, or the ANC-4 for that matter, i can go up to appx. .730 before i get buried in PLC noise again. Are these boxes worth their money? For me yes, since there are a lot of DX activations happening between 600 and 700 and without the Wimo i wouldn’t be able to hear anything decent there.