Remote setup between EA3RCH and my Home QTH

Because i cannot have antennas and radios at home anymore and because i have all that stuff at the EA3RCH clubstation i am building EA3RCH as a remote station.


  • The setup needs to be accessible from everywhere and by every member of the club.
  • Little or preferable no setup is required on the client side.
  • Setup needs to cheap or free of charge.
  • Setup needs to be real or near real-time.

The plan:
The setup will exist of two configurations at the same time.

Basic setup

HRD Remote 1In the basic setup i will be using the TeamViewer Host software to allow to connect to the host PC and  watch the screen using TeamViewers Remote Control functionality.

The audio part will be handled by Skype. The Skype software will be configured in Auto-Connect mode and an account list will be configured so only authorized users will be able to connect to the host PC.

The advantage of this setup is that you are working as if you were sitting in front of the computer screen. You have full control over what’s happening and which software you want to use for controlling the transceiver.

With this setup i basically achieve all the objectives i mentioned before. This is also the setup i am going to introduce to the club members.

However, for my personal use i will go one step further.

Using the VPN connection

HRD Remote 2In this setup i will use TeamViewer to set up a connection between the  host PC and my VPN server in my home network. That makes that the host PC in the shack sits in the same IP network as my workstation.

On the host PC will run Ham Radio Deluxe Remote Server and will connect from my local HRD installation to the remote server on the host. That makes that i don’t need TeamViewer to use Remote Control to work the transceiver. Instead i will be directly connected to the host PC and everything that happens on the transceiver will be directly communicated to my local HRD software. Audio will still be handled by Skype.

Advantage of this setup is that it uses less bandwidth and all my logging is done locally. No need to copy logfiles between the clubstation and home HRD setup.

This is all going to be build next Saturday the 22nd of December (if the world than still exists). I will post here how everything went.

A new era has arrived

Radio silence

The ones who are following me must already have noticed that i am not on the air very much anymore. Reason is that i had to remove all my equipment from my QTH. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. I have done two things:

TS-480 in the car

I have installed my TS-480 in my car. I made a very simple setup where i use an external battery in the back of my car and the same mobile antenna, my Falcon Outback 2000, on a magnetic mount on the roof of the car.

I installed the main rig under the passenger seat and the console in the dashboard when i want to work the radio.

Here are a couple of photos of the setup.

photo 1

photo-1 1









The next thing i did is sign up for a local radio club, the Radio Club Cerdanyola. In the club i have access to everything i need.

There are several radios. For HF there is the Icom IC-756Pro connected to a tri-band 4 element yagi for 10, 15 and 20m. For 40m there is a home-brew Windom and for 80m the club uses a full-size delta loop. Amplifier is a Ameritron AL-811H and digital modes are run through a RigExpert interface connected to the IC-756Pro.

Furthermore there are complete setups for 2m, 70cm and 1.2GHz. There is a EchoLink repeater, etc, etc.

We are currentl y remodeling the shack, but here are some photos of the “old” setup.

IMG_0502 IMG_0506










IMG_0507 photo-2 1










Ah, and yes, VERY important. In this shack i have a FRIDGE!!



Next article will be about how i am going to make a setup so that i can use the HF radio not only as main radio in the shack, but also as remote station from my home QTH.

Stay tuned!!