Recently i have gotten the opportunity to test my Wimo QRM Eliminator against the TimeWave ANC-4. The ANC-4 is a little bit more feature-rich than the Wimo. It has two AUX antenna inputs where the Wimo only has one. Furthermore is the build wuality of the ANC-4 much better than the Wimo. Where the Wimo […]

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Made a contact! WOW!!!

 Jan, 05 - 2014   Uncategorized

Well, two actually. Both on 10 meters since i cannot use any other bands. YO4RIU and KC8IM. Ah, and in case you are wondering, i am back to using my Sirtel Santiago 1200 and an Anytone AT-5555 10 meter radio. That’s the working conditions for the moment.

The last post was to tell you all that EA3HOE is off the air. And that’s true. However, i am thinking on getting back on the air. It all depends on the fact if i can find the radio i would love to have. This blog will be continued on

Radio silence

 Jul, 13 - 2013   no comments   Uncategorized

In case you are wondering why this blog is not updated anymore, for the moment i am in “radio silence” mode. I have sold my radios and antennas and am waiting for other opportunities in the future to pick this hobby up again. If this is going to happen, nobody knows. But if and when […]

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Because i cannot have antennas and radios at home anymore and because i have all that stuff at the EA3RCH clubstation i am building EA3RCH as a remote station. Objectives: The setup needs to be accessible from everywhere and by every member of the club. Little or preferable no setup is required on the client […]

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